Getting Married? CONGRATS! Before you proceed to make a booking,
please check out the FAQ we have prepared for you.

F R E Q U E N T L Y    A S K E D    Q U E S T I O N S
I'm not getting married in Holy Family Church. Can I still get St. Mary's Choir to sing for my wedding?
Oops... Sorry. We sing for weddings at Holy Family Church only. You can try to approach the respective choirs from the other churches and I'm sure they'll be glad to help out. :)
Is there a deadline for booking the choir?
Yes. Please make your bookings at least two months before your church wedding.
(3) My booking form was submitted successfully. Does this mean the booking's confirmed?
No. A booking does not equal a confirmation. Please give us a week or two to inform our choir members of your booking when we meet for weekly practices. Confirmation will only be made after we're sure that we've at least an organist, a conductor and enough choir members to sing for you. :)
(4) Is the choir available for weddings every day of the week?
No. We will only consider (not confirm) wedding bookings on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays as a majority of our choir members are working adults.
(5) What do I have to after my booking has been confirmed?
After your booking has been confirmed, please inform us of your selection of hymns a month before the wedding date. You will also have to pass us a draft copy of your wedding booklet as soon as possible. We will contact you soon, to discuss the order of Mass.
(6) Do I have to print extra copies of the wedding booklet for the choir?
Yes. We will need approximately 20 copies of the wedding booklet. But not to worry, cos' photostated ones will do just fine. You can keep the nicely printed ones for your guests!
(7) How much does your choir charge for a wedding?
We do not charge for weddings. However, we will accept a love offering of any amount you wish to give. This money will help fund our choir activities throughout the year.
(8) I have a zillion more questions. Who can I contact?
You may wish to meet up with the choir after the Sunday 6pm Mass or contact the webmaster via email.

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