St. Mary's Choir was formed in 1986 to evangelise and praise God through music & song. We sing at the Sunday 6pm Mass in Holy Family Church. Over the years, the choir has grown to a strength of 40, capable of singing in 4 parts and serving in any major event.

If you're interested in joining us, sign up online or simply meet us after the Sunday 6pm Mass. We welcome all with a desire to serve God and his people through music and song!


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3 Jun 18

SMC AGM 2018
Please join us for light refreshments at the HFC Level 4 function room at 2.00pm before we start the AGM proper at 2.30pm. Attendance is compulsory.

The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ
Processional - Gather the People (766)

Preparation of the Gifts - God’s Holy Gifts (792)
Communion - The Supper of the Lord (774) DESCANT PARTS
Thanksgiving - Thanks Be to God (605)
Recessional -O God Beyond All Praising (589)

Psalm Cantor Mass Order Cantor Commentator Conductor Musician
Celeste Alywin Mike Nette Jo

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