St. Mary's Choir was formed in 1986 to evangelise and praise God through music & song. We sing at the Sunday 6pm Mass in Holy Family Church. Over the years, the choir has grown to a strength of 40, capable of singing in 4 parts and serving in any major event.

If you're interested in joining us, sign up online or simply meet us after the Sunday 6pm Mass. We welcome all with a desire to serve God and his people through music and song!


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U p c o m i n g   E v e n t s
8 Apr 18

2nd Sunday of Easter / Divine Mercy Sunday

Song List
Processional - Come To The River (242) PARTS

Sprinkling Rites - River of Glory (517) PARTS
Preparation of the Gifts - We Walk By Faith (669)
Communion - Bread of Life (805)
Thanksgiving -Worthy Is the Lamb (754) PARTS
Recessional -Join in the Dance (410)

Psalm Cantor Mass Order Cantor Commentator Conductor Musician
Betty Rachel Alywin Nette Joan

Download schedule for Apr 18.

21 Apr 18

Wedding of Mervyn and Trudy
Practice at 9.00am, Wedding at 10.00am.

Song List
Processional - Table of Plenty (761) DESCANT PARTS

Preparation of the Gifts - I Offer My Life (SCORE) PARTS
Communion - The Power of Your Love (SCORE)
Thanksgiving -Give Thanks
Recessional -As the Deer (SCORE)

Psalm Cantor Mass Order Cantor Commentator Conductor Musician
Celeste Celeste Clara Paula Dawn

N e w s   N e w s   N e w s
29 Jul 17

SMC Day of Recollection (DOR)
Please keep this Saturday free as we gather to strengthen our sense of purpose as a music ministry, grow closer to each other, and to God, as well as renew our committment to the choir. The DOR should take place from about 9am to 5pm, followed by a BBQ.

18 Jun 17

SMC Choir Annual General Meeting 2017
A new Executive Committee has been elected to lead the choir for a year. Find out who they are!

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