6 Chapel Rd, S(429509), T: 63440046, Fax: 63480552
Mon - Fri
6.15am & 6.15pm
8.30am (Public holidays only)


6.15am, 5.00pm (Novena)
6.00pm, 8.00pm (Mandarin)


7.15am, 9.15am
11.30am, 6.00pm
Rev. Fr. Eugene Vas (Parish Priest)
6348 5842
Rev. Fr Damien De Wind
6344 8468
Rev. Fr. Fr Donatien Davaine
6346 6420
Andrew Teo / Pamela Govinden (Secretariat)
6344 0046
Jennifer Tan (Catechetical Coordinator)      
6346 5357
Ronnie Yeo (Columbarium Office)
6346 5248
Holy Family Kindergarten
6440 4344
The Old Church at Chapel Road (Before Dec 97)


An aerial view of the Church The blessed altar in Holy Family Church  The Holy Family Grotto during Advent (don't you miss lighting those candles at the grotto?) The warm glow of Holy Family Church
The Bell Tower / Choir Loft The Bell Tower in the day The Tabernacle Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Our Temporary Premises at St. Patrick's School Hall (Between Dec 97 & Dec 99) Top

Singing for Mass at St. Patrick's School Hall

The Long Wait... for our Church Top

Model of the New Holy Family Church A gaping "hole" where the Holy Family Church used to stand Looking more like a church with each passing day. With a fresh coat of paint, the new HFC looks almost ready for the grand opening.

Our Brand New Church at Chapel Road (After Dec 99) Top

The interior of the new church (picture from HFC calendar) The holy altar of God. The cross and picture of "Our Lady of Perpetual Succour" at the sides of the altar.
Statues found around the church. Electric candles have also replaced the real ones.  Spend an hour with the Lord in the adoration room. The Holy Family Church columbarium. (picture from HFC calendar)
The Church Canteen.  A beautiful statue of Mother Mary in a little fish-filled pond at our new grotto. The new bell tower